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T N T Shepherd

My Mission!

Since my first litter in 2005 my only goal has been to breed healthy well balanced family dogs, and placing them into good loving homes. This is why I will only breed my females once a year and will take back the puppies at any time if they need a new loving home. Every dog is a loved member of my Family and hope they will become one of yours!

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Cute puppies!

Family Photos

The boys
The girls

This is Zena!

She is a beautiful fun loving dog of ours. She was abandoned at a dog kennel at the age of 2, if the owners had just read their contract they would have known they where required to contact us and we would have taken the dog back without question or hesitation. After rescuing Zena she now is in a new home with two young girls who adore her and will never give her up.

Family is what you make it.

Email: tntshepherds1@gmail.com

Call: Deanne 403 279 5707